Mixed Track Formats?

I just uploaded a sample “album” from MA Recordings. These are WAV files. After downloading, I added all the essential metadata to the tracks, converted the files to FLAC and uploaded them to my NAS. After a forced rescan in Roon, they album comes back as “Mixed Track Formats” even thought all the tracks are in FLAC.

Can anyone shed some light on why that is, or what I may have done wrong?


David: it’s due to the fact that, even though all FLAC, the files are of different sampling rates (96, 176.4 and 88.2 from what I can see).

Exactly what David said. Look at track 4 and 5 in Roon, it will say 24/176.4, while tracks 1-3 were all 24/96.

That makes sense. I first thought the mixed formats referred to FLAC and non-FLAC files, and that is what prompted my question.


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