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Hello Roon fans,

Recently I purchased a NUC and USB drive and installed ROCK. (Previously, my Roon server and library was on my NAS) First I restored my backup to the ROCK/NUC. Then I copied my entire library to the USB drive.
Roon did (like expected) immediately rescan the entire library.

I have many self-compiled compilation albums.
For example, I have all the Top 40 singles per year in a folder For example:
Various Artists\Top 40\1968\CD1
Various Artists\Top 40\1968\CD2
Various Artists\Top 40\1969\CD1
Various Artists\Top 40\1969\CD2

I also have a Dance Classics collection (official editions) that Roon normally recognizes.
I saved it as follows:
Various Artists\Dance Classics\Dance Classics Vol.1\CD1
Various Artists\Dance Classics\Dance Classics Vol.1\CD2
Various Artists\Dance Classics\Dance Classics Vol.2\CD1

And so I have even a lot more compilation collections (official and no official editions)

After scanning it has become a big mess.
Everything is mixed up, but also songs from “normal” albums recognized by Roon are randomly put with compilation albums.
As a result, the official releases / albums are no longer complete.

In my tags, everything is stored as follows:
TRACK NR, ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, SORT ALBUM, YEAR, DISC#, ALBUM ARTIST (which is always Various artists in case of the compilations)

I use Tag&Rename as a tag editor which has always worked well.

Does anyone have a solution so that the files are sorted normally again?
Otherwise it will cost me months to sort… :roll_eyes:
I hope anyone can help…
Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know a solution?

It sounds like you don’t want Roon to reanalyse your files, if I’m understanding correctly.

When you restore your backup there should still be a path to the music on your NAS.

You want to edit this and point it at the USB drive.

This should then have all your edits.

You’ll need to run the restore feature of your NAS backup again and start over as above.


I’m gonna try that and let you know if that worked.
Thank you

Hi John,
I tried that and it didn’t work.
In the mean time I’ve added alle compilation albums piece by piece,
That worked. It seems like Roon can’t take alle compilation albums at the same time.
Adding it one album at a time (and let Roon add/index it) worked ok.
Allthough it’s a bit time consuming…

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