Mixed up bill evans [Resolved - credit error is germane to local library]

I know that some cases of wrong bill evans have been reported.
Here are some more. in my library, bill evans the pianist is credited in these albums:

that are all wrong with the exception of “kind of blue”, “miles&monk”, jim hall album, ornette coleman anthology and eliane elias album.
in the other albums, it should be credited (i believe) the saxophonist

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Hey @Niccolo_Terzi

Thank you again for bringing the metadata issues you encounter to our attention.

This one appears to be another issue with your local library. This equivalence issue doesn’t occur in our metadata. Please see screenshot below of the Roon’s credit display for Bill Evans on McLaughlin’s Industrial Zen.

Hi @jamie
local issue with my library - translated means roon error or bug.
This is basically a tipycal error produced by roon software when:
-the files have a TAG with a performer (let’s say bill evans)
-in roon metadata there is the (probably) correct performer (bill evans) associated to the identified album
-there exist in the performers database one or many others omonimous performers (many bill evans)
-roon software usually NEVER matches the 2 credits, but (randomly?) associates the performer in the TAG to another bill evans among the others available.

The proof of this is that if you remove bill evans in the performers tags… the wrong b.e. disappears. this is not always the case… as sometimes the error is in the database itself. but you tell me this is not the case.

As far as I understand this is a well know bug, for which I’m waiting the solution.
Clearly, on users’ side, it’s impossibile to distinguish between this kind of roon problem, and an error in the source metadata.

It could be that the typycal roon user (using streaming services) does not tag the files, and does not meet this error. But I’m sure that most of users coming from older solutions (eg squeezebox) use to tag the files.

I add my credits to the mclaughlin album:

Screenshot - 06_10_2021 , 18_43_32