Mixes For You iIn Tidal

On the Tidal desktop app there is a mixes for you section.Can I get this in Tidal in Roon

Hey Jason,

In Tidal, you need to select the My Mix and then + Create Playlist. After the Playlist is created in Tidal, it will be in My Collection. After the next Roon Tidal sync, it will show in your Roon Playlist Browser.

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Thanks worked

Hi Guys,

I am trying to get the same thing on my PC, as the My Mix’s are updated by Tidal it seems everyday, will these also be dynamically updated in Roon as well. Or do I need to save a new playlist everyday for it to update in Roon?

As a new user on a 60-day trial, I would also like an answer to this question.

The My Mix playlists are dynamically updated by Tidal (as on other streaming services) so are the updates going to sync to the mix playlist that gets added to Roon?

I suspect not, and that any My Mix playlist added in such a way is ‘baked in’, so that it would have to be regularly recreated from the Tidal side for Roon to see the new version.

I’ve only had Roon for a couple of days. I love it so far but my #1 feature would be the ability to add tracks to Tidal playlists. This could be the dealbreaker that prevents me from taking up a subscription.

You can adds tracks to Tidal playlists and it will update. But in the case of my mix it wont unless you save a new version of it as it’s a static playlist that you adding. So you will have to replace it daily to keep up to date.

Save a new playlist everyday, playlists don’t update without interaction from you.

Instead of adding the playlist to Roon, simply ‘heart’ it in Tidal app. It will still appear in Roon but will/should dynamically pickup the updates Tidal makes to it as it’s still a Tidal playlist.

I’ve not done this myself but based on my understanding of 'heart’ing a Tidal playlist I believe it will work as you wish.

Sorry, but what do you mean by ‘heart’-ing the playlist in Tidal? I don’t see anyway to do this, either in the desktop or mobile app. I see a ‘create playlist’ option, but that will create a static playlist as mentioned above (I use a similar feature for saving tracks in my playing queue for listening to later).

Hover over the playlist in Tidal, some have a heart others don’t. I don’t know why those that don’t don’t nor why those that do do.

I see, that is on a desktop not on the phone app.

There is no ‘heart’ for mixes, but I think there is a way around it. Save the mix as a play list. When you want to update it, go to the mix, select all tracks, right click and select ‘add to playlist’. Add to the existing playlist, you will then be given a choice to skip duplicates and only new tracks will be added to the play list. Not perfect but you will get new music added over time.

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Yes, I hope Roon could implement a MyMix for Tidal. Either that or Tidal release the API to allow Roon to access MyMix so we can have it. It’s a win-win for both sides!


Couldn’t agree more! I love Roon from a technical perspective - it’s genius, but since switching over from Spotify/Sonos, I’m finding the content is getting very stale without the algorithm-based recommendations. Being able to dynamically link to those Tidal MyMixs is the critical missing feature in Roon.

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