MM subscription

I actually had the MM subscription so I got 2 every month with the same serial number. What fantastic packaging and photography on the gatefold sleeves. I’ve still got many that I’ve not actually opened up. So many good Blue Note recordings out there and so little time.

Keep them. They will have an enormous collectors value in about 10 years.
The Tone Poet and the SRX series are as valuable, I have already seen prices up to 400$ for an SRX LP.

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I’m having a love hate relationship with Roon right now. So darn easy and entertaining that my TT is sitting idle and my Blue Notes are missing me. The hand full of originals with “ears” are my prized possessions. I can’t convince myself if it is real or pure nostalgia but I still think there is some magic that can’t be reproduced in the originals.

WiFi password at my house is a variation of 47 West 63rd :nerd_face:

I love Roon. I enjoy it every day.
But then my true love is my analog setup. This has a separate room. Studer analog tape recorders and a really fine vinyl setup with appropriate amplification.
Passing 60 next year I will honor that part of my life way more than I am able to do now.


NICE! I’m 5 years behind you and also have a dedicated room with a pretty nice Vinyl set up. I’m trying to look ahead and downsize a bit. Recently sold one table, a bunch of tube gear. While I had ripped all my CDs to FLAC years back, they only served casual listening on deck, around pool, dinner table etc. If I was going to actually listen it was always vinyl in my basement bunker with room treatments, glowing meters and racks of gear.

I picked up a mid-fi DAC and installed Roon to see if I could contemplate selling off the table and in turn my heaps of wax. I’m not there yet, not sure if I’ll get there. Still the temptation of simplifying to a location with only a few rooms is, at least on the surface, tempting. I a collector/hoarder at heart. Heck, I still have the boxes those MM 45RPM LPs came in because they were “too nice” to throw away.


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