Mobile Dac no more identified on iPad, iPhone, Android after installation on a Roon Opt Core Kit (ROCK)

I was previously using Roon software on my ipad, iphone and Android devices through a roon core installed on my Macbook.
My Dacs (Eramen Sparrow and Dragonfly Cobalt) connected to these devices were clearly identified on each device and the led color was changing according to the source.
I have switched to a Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK) installed on a Intel Nuc. Everything is working fine, except that the DAC connected are no more identified and the output seems to be topped to 48 kHz (according to the led color). Room Remote saying that the path is lossless but I doubt because when I play 96 kHz, the led should not be blue.
Last version installed on all devices.
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Have you enabled and set up your end-points from within Roon? Maybe you want to share a screen grab of your signal path and audio settings in Roon.

Sorry, ignore my message. It’s a misunderstanding on my side.
Android has is known limitation and on iPad and iPhone the description of the signal path is different from the one on Mac app.
Everything is fine, and perfect with my brand new Bluesound Node (2021).

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