Mobile Fidelity Miles Davis and Sinatra Album Cover Art

Album cover art for my Mobile Fidelity Miles Davis and Sinatra Hybrid SACDs isn’t really accurate at all. Same goes for Mobile Fidelity Milt Jackson Sextet: Invitation. I don’t even really need the strip across the top but the classic version of some of this artwork is missing. Examples: Sinatra’s Swinging’ Session, Milt Jackson Sextet: Invitation, and Miles Davis: Kind of Blue all look particularly heinous as does the Living Stereo SACD of Richard Strauss: Also sprach Zarathustra. Any way I can add my own art as in iTunes?

Yes. Either add better quality artwork than the Roon one to the album folder and it will scan it automatically or you can use the edit function for each album to change the artwork.

Awesome. Done Thanks!