Mobile Roon Core on a MacBook?

I am thinking about using a laptop as Roon server and control center.

The idea is to be able to take my music collection and Roon with me when I am traveling.

At home the laptop would connect to the network so would see the configured audio devices.

On route the laptop would be connected to WiFi or not, and be playing music via something like a AudioQuest dragonfly or a Bluetooth speaker.

So my questions is if this would work?

Will Roon Core work locally when no internet is available?

Will Roon also be able to function as player for the local stored music when no network connection is available?

And can this be done without having to do all kinds of settings stuff each time? Or will Roon adapt itself to the availability of internet and of pre configured audio devices which appear of disappear?

It would be great if in stead of a laptop a iPad Pro could be used. But this not being the case I am thinking about using a MacBook.

Short answer is yes. Often I take my MacBook away with me and this is core feeding a USB DAC. Typically I have Internet connectivity whilst away, but this isn’t essential; clearly streaming and Valence features won’t work, but local library should be fine.

Ok, that is good news.
Do you need a MacBook Pro, or can you also use the MacBook Air for this?
Both have almost the same specs, the difference is the Air having a 2 core processor while the Pro is having a 4 core processor.

Since except for Roon, I will not be running heavy applications, I was wondering if the Air would be ok?

If it is an i3 or better you’ll be fine.