Mobile use - How do I copy my Library to Tidal as favourites?

Afraid I can’t wait for Roon to offer a mobile IOS version so I’d like to mark all my library in Tidal as favourites so that I can stream it in Tidal when I am out and about with only my iPhone to hand. Is there some way of achieving this? or alternatively to Apple music as I also have a subscription to that service.

I am not understanding your question…

If your library is on Tidal why do you need it as favorites?

Sorry I wasn’t precise most of my library is on the local Roon server and I wish to replicate that library into tidal so I can access my music when I am offsite [away from the Roon Server]
Weh you mark a favourite in Tidal it appears in Roon - well I need to do that in reverse, from Roon out to Tidal. Is there some way of doing this?


The “Add To Library” button :slight_smile:

I suspect @Paul_Hooper is probably requesting something akin to a Tidal Match feature to automatically have his local storage library content matched with Tidal albums and auto-favorited for portability. This request has been covered in a few other discussions on the forum.