MobileHighEnd not showing up in Roon


Installed my mobilehighend rig today (again). Installation went fine, I can acces RoPieee with my browser but its not showing up in Roon. Another weird thing is that under ‘Devices’ no of my other RoPieee devices are visible. I’m using a tp-link usb wifi antenna.
This my tag: bca7fa41f05a3cb1

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Hi @Frank_Berens1 I’m finding this detail a little unclear. When you say “Devices” do you mean there are no Roon endpoints showing up at all? Devices is a somewhat overloaded term so a bit more detail and/or a screenshot might help lift the ambiguity.

Nice looking setup BTW, although it’s very similar to mine so I’m likely to think so.

I referred to other RoPieee (Roon endpoint) devices in my network.

Sorry, @Frank_Berens1 I’m going to be a slightly broken record here then and ask for further information. This sounds like a network issue, could the new RoPieee device be on a different sub-net or similar. Could you provide the details of your network hardware and setup, please? I’m not trying to be awkward, just trying to get your issue fixed.

If your ‘other’ units are from the ‘old’ generation then indeed they don’t show up.

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Ok, that clear that up.

But I don’t think it’s a network problem. All my devices are on the same sub-net.

Problem solved: bad usb-cable between RPi en Mojo!
Sorry, my bad.

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