MOCK - ROCK / ASUS K50IJ laptop cannot "see" ethernet port, only works with USB Adapter

Roon Core Machine

ROCK installed from USB on ASUS K50IJ laptop.

I installed ROCK on an older laptop and everything works great IF I only use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and not the built-in Ethernet port on the laptop. I’ve checked and everything is fine in the BIOS and the laptop worked great on Windows and Ubuntu before I converted it to a ROCK server.

Do I need to load up some sort of Ethernet adapter to get the Ethernet port working?

I ask because the USB-to-Ethernet adapter dulls the sound and collapses the soundstage whenever I’ve used it compared to straight Ethernet.

Hi Shawn you cannot add drivers to Rock as it’s a closed system meant for Intel Nucs.

It has been proven to work on many other computer’s but network drivers seem to be an issue if they are not supported.
If you have a USB network driver that works then I would just stick with it to be honest.

I use a usb network adaptor on my Rock core as the network port ceased to work after I opened it up to add more memory. It sounds the same as the network port it replaced to me and the usb ports are also feeding my DAC and running a HDD, all sounds sublime to my RME.

Update: I never got ROCK to see my ethernet on either of my ASUS laptops, but I did get Ubuntu running on them and Roon Server & Bridge. To my amazement the sound is leaps and bounds better than running both Server & Bridge on one Windows machine. Highly recommended.

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