Mock Roon on Optiplex 3010

I’m new to Roon, almost out of my trial and going to take on the subscription.

I managed to get Mock Roon installed on an old Optiplex 3010 hooked up to my router. Its got an i3 processor and 8gb of memory and an internal 256gb SSD. I’ve an external SSD hooked up for storage. I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4 also running RoPieee as an endpoint. DAC is a TEAC UD-H01 and Speakers are Klipsch RP-400M. I use a Amazon Fire HD10 to control it.

I got really confused with the NUC and it appeared then that they were unavailable anyway even if I wanted to spend so much. I suppose my point is that I could get it running on an old desktop.

The only questions I would have is does the Optiplex running 24hr a day cause any problems or is it eating electricity. I’m sure I will get a smaller device in the future as a core as the Optiplex sitting on top of the router in the hall doesnt have wife approval.

Roon is great, really useful and it works on my SkyQ box now too out via airplay to my Monitor Audio BR2 so a bonus for sure.

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I’ve installed ROCK on older HP towers with good success too i5 2400 CPU’s IIRC…works great. I measured the watts being used and it didn’t seem to bad to me.

Thanks very much for that. I only use local files so perhaps that aids the old machines to operate Roon. I managed to get the codecs onto it too which I was happy with. I just figured out through these forums I can also use my phone to my bluetooth speaker to listen to Roon Radio. Its a cool system.


If you’re concerned about energy consumption then you might find something like this helpful:-

Energy monitor