MOCK to ROCK Internal Storage transfer

If I have a MOCK with Internal Storage (2TB SSD) what’s the process to swap that drive into a legit NUC ROCK?

I’m not sure. Are you restoring the the database from the MOCK setup? If so, I’d hope that the new ROCK installation would see and recognize the drive and just use it.

But, I can also see it wanting to “re-initialize” any drive. I have heard that a drive that has been initialized by ROCK can be moved to another computer, like a Mac or Linux box, filled with music and then moved back (the posts about this are on the forum).

I would make a backup of the music on the drive and just try it. ROCK does not auto-initialize the storage drive, you have to initiate it on the WEB UI. Either it will be recognized and you are good to go, or, it will give you the Initialize Drive button and you have to re-initialize and then recopy things back.

A MOCK server uses the same OS and disk file system as ROCK, so fitting the drive into an external enclosure and connecting it via USB ought to work…

Indeed, if your NUC has the space for internally mounting the SSD, that should work too.

Before proceeding, best back up both the roon config and the data from the ssd as a precaution

Found this on the ROCK install guide:

  • The internal drive is formatted from the web interface when you first set up ROCK, so you won’t be able pre-load music onto the drive – you’ll start with an empty drive, and copy your music over later

So it may be necessary to back up the music to another drive and copy it back to the drive after ROCK is set up. On the other hand, it may be that since the drive from the MOCK is already in the right format, ROCK will simply see it automatically. Back up your files to be certain and let us know how it goes :grinning:

A straight swap worked - backed up database but not media - 2TB SSD was recognised - shame the upgrade hasn’t fixed my issues!

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