Mod retirements

Hi all,

Keen observers will notice that neither I nor @BrianW are sporting Mod badges any longer. That is because we have both made independent decisions to retire as Moderators on the Forum.

There are a lot of people I would like to thank:

  • Roon in general, but particularly @mike, @danny, @brian, @joel, @kevin and @dylan for all the assistance and support they have provided over my 6 year term;

  • My fellow Mods, particularly @carl who constantly does both small and large things on this Forum to keep it functional and operating as smoothly as possible. I really enjoyed the collegiality;

  • @BrianW who has contributed greatly to the Live Radio section in particular and the Forum in general;

  • All the rest of you. It’s been an interesting 6 years and I’ve enjoyed being hall monitor and getting to know many of you from your posts. Thanks for all of your respective contributions, particularly those who go out of their way to help other users. We have built a Community here together.

I will continue as a User on the Forum and will be contributing to various topics of interest from time to time.

Roon is a great product that I continue to use every day and I am looking forward to seeing where it takes us in the future.


All the best in retirement Andy.

Will be keen to see your real thoughts on DSD vs PCM now that your PC shackles are off… :grinning:

I foresee some major controversy coming :grin:


Hope you enjoy your “retirement” @andybob - and thanks for all your great work as a Mod on these forums. All the work you guys do (covertly and overtly) really helps make this a great place to hang out, and is greatly appreciated by us “bog standard” users.


Ditto to all of the above. You will both be greatly missed in walking the moderator tightrope.


Good luck in your “Retirement” and thanks for your moderation. Have fun.

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Thanks for your efforts Andy. It isn’t said often enough but we do appreciate the efforts of all the Mods in keeping the forum functioning.

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Thank you @andybob and @BrianW for all your hard work. Very much appreciated.


I’ll echo the sentiments made here.

@andybob you have been a sea of calm in a sometimes raging tempest.

And @BrianW your serene and genial helpfulness will be sorely missed by many.


Thanks to both of you for trying to keep the forums a better place.
Enjoy your new found quiet time and more importantly enjoy the music.


Same sentiments as the rest. Enjoy just being a user.


I’ll add my thanks to those stepping down from a tricky and under-appreciated role. Enjoy the extra slice of free time both of you.


I came into this community very late, appreciated the work done in reading and understanding, and am myself retired.

So it remains possible to be more active, but also to find the right balance between this hobby and other desires.

The above statements illustrate how valuable this work has been to our community.

Thank you and (not) goodbye


I congratulate you @andybob and at the same time am sorry to see you move out of that position.

You were well mannered, even tempered, and helpful as a moderator. I don’t spend much time here these days, but can make that comment without reservation. You’re a top notch moderator and member of the Roon Community.



You should come back to the forums Robert - always something sensible, measured, and pertinent to say!

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Thank you @andybob. You have a rare gift for engaging with people and defusing tense situations. Glad to hear you are sticking around.

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You will be missed . I think that is about the highest praise one can receive .

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Thanks Andy, and Brian as well, for all your good work here. You’ve both made this a better place.


It’s interesting to see that forums can be an important place for some people. A little sad too.

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Dear Andy, just a token reply to thank you for the support over the years. I believe the responses to your announcement confirm how you will be missed in that role. Main thought from me: The Music’s the Thing; the equipment seduces. Enjoy the music, Richard

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As astute observers may have noticed, I’ve climbed back into the saddle. Roon has had some staff leave and increased Mod capability will free up Roon staff to do things only they can do.