Moderation in Moderation of MQA threads thread

Oh, I strongly feel that the Roon team is being level handed. But I just had two posts flagged as “spam”, and they are as from from being spam as is theoretically possible. One a reply to Jim_F: “or, how the pets react to hearing one vs the other forrmat. Who knows, some cats may hate music, or prefer mp3.”; the other in response to Graeme: “Is that really limiting choice. A tidal user still has the choice of leaving Tidal, and using another service (local dependent, of course). And the choices will shortly be expanding (I can almost guarantee Apple will not be using MQA on anything)”. Now tell me, how can these be spam?? If, somehow, you agree, please explain how??


I agreed the flags as off-topic. It gets in the way of people trying to make sense of the thread to have multiple off-topic discussions.


You are talking sense in a MQA thread? You’re naive! :innocent:

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But not in the context of what they were replying to. I could see if the comment was deleted as being off-topic, but if they weren’t deleted, neither should have mine been. My reply was “in context” to what I was replying to.

That’s kinda the joke in and of itself.

“Moderation in Moderation of MQA threads thread…”


It certainly suggests a certain circuitousness to the debate?

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Recursion: see Recursion
Mutual Recursion: see Recursion, Mutual

Please. No cats.

You allergic? :slight_smile:

It’s off-topic… :grinning:

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But so am I!

Only online.

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Touché Geoff :slight_smile:

Right - we now return you to our regular programming: discussion of Moderation in Moderation of MQA threads…

(or should we just all go back to the original Moderation thread?)


I read both flagged posts of @Neil_Russell and found the flagging ridiculous. Luckily, it is not done in all threads. The forum otherwise should decide to close down.