Moderation of metadata complaint in music thread

Agreed, but don’t criticise TiVo’s incomplete and incorrect metadata lest your posts be deleted. Wish the zealousness applied equally to bug fixes.

Maybe the expletives had something to do with it ?

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hardly an expletive.

Flagged twice as inappropriate by other users. Why write a post that is hostage to other’s perceptions of offensiveness and then claim martyrdom ? Criticise TiVo all you like (for whatever good it will do here) but keep it G rated so others don’t flag it.


Ya, and the so called offensive term could simply have been removed but instead the entire post is deleted. Anyhow, pointless going around in circles.

Agreed, I would have preferred to mod it out in hindsight.

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Bit like mentioning Streaming or Tidal on “another site”

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Has the post been deleted? It’s still viewable, assuming this is the offending post:-

Feel free to remove this but there are many posts still viewable that were previously “removed”

“Hidden” is less than Deleted. Hidden means the poster can edit it and it will become visible again, and users with a high enough Trust level can view it with a click. A post becomes Hidden when user Flags exceed a total Trust level or are agreed by Mods. Sometimes posts are Deleted, but Hidden is more usual.