Moderation of Unique Features thread

I posted a comment yesterday clarifying a great Roon feature that was not unique to Roon though.

My comment has vanished… can anyone clarify why?

One of my comments seems to have disappeared also…


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Hi @andybob can you shed any light?

One of your peers removed our comments? If so, why?

For reference my post was highlighting a feature with possible downside to Roon. Relevant to the discussion though.

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The edits referred to were made at an Admin level, not by Mods.

@danny, can you explain the reason/s these posts were removed without any (even private) explanation of why?

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We don’t ever give reasons when cleaning up threads, privately or publically.

Both posts by @dabassgoesboomboom and @dannybgoode were removed for being off topic.

@dannybgoode I’m aware you felt that pointing out Roon’s on-line requirement was relevant to unique features, but :man_shrugging:

This forum is constantly moderated with a heavy hand. It’s what keeps it even remotely close to usable. It’s how we choose to run things around here.

The topic is features unique to Roon and my post is clarifying a feature mentioned that is not unique to Roon.

Off topic ???

See post #4 for a way to mention that uniqueness while staying on-topic with making a “well, actually…” post. He could have easily responded by telling you that credits are in bios and links across artist details pages. Your post unfortunately is what makes forums insufferable.

If you think Roon’s interlinking is not unique in an audio player, you may be the first.

What an absolute joke.

Do you see how ridiculous this looks ?

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Do you see how ridiculous this topic is?

I think it is entirely relevant. Someone is thinking of subscribing to Roon and was asking about what made it unique.

The fact that the service is cloud based, compared to other music control apps, is unique and that has plus points as well as negatives. The negative had been aptly demonstrated that very morning

Of course the streaming services themselves are cloud based but they not comparable. The native streamer control apps, Naim, Blue whatever it’s called, JRiver, LMS etc all function just fine if the parent companies servers have a wobble. Roon does not and that is something a prospective purchaser may be aware of. If Roon goes down you can’t even listen to your local music if your reliant on it for control.

I’ve seen far far more off topic posts be allowed to detail many threads completely without modification and it just felt as though you were trying to sanitise the thread to give only the benefits of Roon (which are many and you know from the vast majority of my posts that I am very impressed with it).


I mean you have threads like this with a blatant troll getting involved and nothing.

Edit - should we therefore report every vaguely OT comment or any content that vaguely criticises Roon? Will they get deleted too?

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Exactly ! It shouldn’t have happened ! Whoever had a brain fart and removed these posts !? For the silly reasons you mention?

The irony ! Oh my days :man_facepalming:

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That’s untrue. Users can go offline for short or long periods of time just fine. Roon works fine offline for playing back your own files, but licensing is strict and you eventually have to resurface.

Feel free to open up a new topic criticizing Roon. It will not get deleted if done civilly. In fact your post is a topic you could bring up, and I’d respond to it in an informative manner. It was just off topic in that thread.

I didn’t catch all of that thread. I read a lot but not 100% of the posts. You could flag it if you are concerned.

Ok well thank you for taking the time to respond. I disagree that the post was OT but I’m not admin though.

I have been a moderator on other forums and do agree very with the philosophy ‘your house, your rules’ even if I disagree from time to time. So, we’ll leave it at that.

Huh !? Have you lost touch with what’s happening? And you seem to forget this thread of mine, which sparked some action:

Roon data versus Tidal desktop app - track data

But for today, let’s look at credits for one of the biggest mixing engineers in popular music.

Roon’s dog breakfast:

Tidal Desktop app which allows filtering options:


The free app that comes with Tidal (all interlinked :man_facepalming:):

I’m waiting for you to move on past lists of “credits”…

You’re right, interlinked track level credits aren’t important to Roon users and Roon’s interlinking of less data than the free Tidal app is unique.

You were better off leaving the original very on-topic comment in the other thread and not deleting it and forcing the necessary creation of this one, with such silly reasoning.

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