Moderators are VOLUNTEERS right? What are the requirements?

Usually, yes.

But let’s talk about this…

Why do you want to be a moderator?

What do you think the role of a moderator is?

What do you think you could contribute to this community as a moderator?

Why do you think the other moderators would enjoy moderating with you?

Are you aware of what makes this forum work or not work? What areas need improvement, and how can moderation affect them for the better?


I’ve been a mod for years on another audio forum and it is very difficult to walk the fine line of letting someone express themselves and where the line is. A few years ago I thought I knew where the line was but the faction like political environment of today as moved that line.

I question why anyone would volunteer blindly to be a mod. It really is a kind of thankless job you do for your appreciation for the community and not for some kind of power trip.

I enjoy coming here to just talk audio and pets. :wink:


Although being a moderator is a pretty thankless task all round, this forum is at least for the most part, very civilized and intelligent.

Years ago I was a mod on a drag racing game site.
Whoo boy, it was like a Saturday night bar room brawl every night of the week!

There were a number who had to have their bags forcibly packed for them…

I will take this forum any day thank you very much.

A great job done by all past and present moderators.
Thank you all!


I presume you mean things like

But my mind immediately went to

Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race: Bailey, Greg, Henrique, Daniela: 9781786271754: Books