Modified url makes roon usage impossible

The Austrian Station „antennevorarlberg“ switched its url at the beginning of April 22.
Now roon does not identify the new adress as a Radio Station.
Can this issue be solved?

Regards roland

Hello @Roland_Margelik , Antenne Voralberg wasn’t in our database, but I’ve added it now. Please check if ok.

hello Brian,

i tried to search in “local stations” - no success…

i copied the URL link directly in the search mask - roon does’nt find a Radio Station with this adress (please find the attached reaction)…

thanks in advance


The easiest way to find the station is to use the magnifying glass - search for Antenne Voralberg.

(The URL you tried to use directly is correct but there is a bug in Roon which means the https version with a redirection isn’t accepted. I used the http address in the database)

i got it - thanks a lot!
There was a misunderstanding - I searched for vorarlberg, you entered voralberg in the database (without “r”)…

Oh dear, sorry about that. I’ve now changed the name.