Mojave’s upgrade

Can I upgrade my Mac mini to Mojave with Roon older Mac Mini 2012

Nope. See this thread for more.

@Lorne_Booth The 2012 MM can run Mojave, but for Roon you will want to be running 8GB Ram and SSD drive for OS if you are not already.

Some have noted that there is a big performance jump with the new 2018 MM but also be aware there are some issues that some have had with some USB DAC connection issues while using HDMI screen outputs IIRC … maybe @Gigatoaster can expand on his issue that we discussed the other day.

Only if it’s Late 2012. Mine was Early, so I was left out, which prompted my purchase of a new one.

One can check many things related to what macs/apple devices can run and release dates, specs etc using Mactracker available in the App Store for iOS and OS X/macOS.

@Krutsch There appears to be no other 2012 Macmini so perhaps your is Mid 2011.

Hope the Mactracker is found to be useful for others reading here.