Mojo not showing

When attached by USB, my Mojo is recognised by Roon on my Mac Book Pro, everything works well. When attached via a Optical Cable, nothing is shown. I am new to Roon and am delighted, just this small niggle. Any help would be appreciated. I even newer to Mojo as I bought it yesterday.

Just out of interest, my Roon is set up in dark mode, when I attach Mojo with optical it changes to light mode.

Hope this isn’t a silly question.

Optical is one way with no identifiers coming back so roon has no way if knowing what you have connected as opposed to USB.

Ahh, right, so I can assume that there is nothing wrong and that with optical it will never show? Thank you.

Yes, this is correct. I use my Chord 2Qute with an Allo DigiOne and Roon will not see the 2Qute in this set-up.

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