Molasses-like playback on Mytek DAC

Yesterday, while playing Roon Radio over my Brooklyn Bridge, one song - and every subsequent song - slowed waaay down in playback. I’m talking about playing back at half (maybe even a quarter) of normal speed. So not only did each note or word take longer to play, the pitch of each was dramatically lowered. Like playing music through molasses.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is the second time this has happened recently. Unfortunately on neither occasion did I think to check the source music, as I had other people listening. T’was not the time for diagnostics. It was time to fix it quickly. But I am certain that on both occasions either Tidal or Qobuz music was being played, through Roon Radio. I rebooted my ROCK though yesterday, and the slow playback continued when my ROCK came back up. So I tried to power cycle my Brooklyn Bridge, but it wouldn’t respond to pressing the big button in. So I unplugged it. Plugging the unit back in resulted in the unit coming up as normal, and Roon playing at normal speed again. So a hard power cycle “fixed” it.

While I certainly would not know where the problem resides, the BB freezing like that seems a pretty strong indicator that it’s with the Mytek unit.

Anyone else experience this? And if so, on what device and firmware? My BB is running Mainboard firmware 1.40, and Network firmware 3.7.52.

Oh… and Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

New symptom to this problem…

Lack of response to volume control from Roon remotes.

Today the BB would not increase or decrease volume if such was attempted from either my iPad Mini or Fire HD tablet. Volume knob on the BB worked fine, unless I tried to use it to turn the BB off. That did not work, as with the prior problem.

And as before, a hard power cycle of the BB resolved the problem. Until next time, I guess.

This could be a Roon 1.7 issue. It could be an issue with the recent Mytek firmware update. But it’s new. Would be nice if this got some attention.

Did you ever resolve this?

It went away. I play music with Roon on the BB everyday. So it’s been gone quite a long while, as I’d completely forgotten about the problem. Though I must say that I was surprised to not hear back that others were experiencing it, as I was on the then-current versions of everything. So other Roon/BB users should have also been experiencing it.

But all’s well that ends well. I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

The only molasses playback I ever got from a mytek dac was when I feed it a sample rate it couldn’t lock onto.