Monitoring ROCK

is there a way to log into a NUC running ROCK to see activity, cpu usage, memory usage?

does ROCK support an accessible shell?

Short answer, No…
If you want to tinker, monitor or customize just go with your favorite Linux distro…

ok thanks. Want it to work well as an appliance and have too many computers so happy to leave it be. Just curious, and if it were easy, or an option from the web interface (hidden) I’d have had a play. I’d like to see what memory and cpu it’s running when it processes the library from scratch, for interest sake… But I’ll leave it as a pure embedded system then. Ta.

They do work well as an appliance though. There have been requests for these kind of stats from time to time, but the Roon guys have suggested massaging our own server if we want that info.

One reason I run it as a VM. The hypervisor gives me this level of detail but then I also have to maintain the hypervisor. Now, I run a hypervisor for other things anyway so no big deal in my environment. But, if you’ve not got the the environment built to run VMs this way then its more to manage.

You can pull across logs which are decently detailed if you suspect there is an issue. Connect to \rock\data and look for the log directories.

I do feel that a basic perf mon type tool would be very useful within the ROCK admin UI. It is quite a common thing on a NAS for eg and while ROCK is not a generic OS, it is however running a potentially variable load directly affected by the user according to number of zones, library size, what upsampling/DSP is being used what some extensions may be doing etc. It may also be helpful to Roon support at times.

So having the means to get some basic overview of how it is performing would be very useful.

I agree, i also see mostly advantages. A lot of us are also running fanless solutions within supported ROCK specifications but without the temperature control function which is Nucleus only.
And the Processing speed indication is a somewhat blunt tool for determining load.