Mono Flag - would be good to have one

I couldn’t find a mono flag. It would be nice to have one, in the same way that we have a Live flag etc.

Ok, I found it under Version.

Actually, Sgt Pepper’s was flagged as Mono and when I looked, I found the flag under Version. Interestingly, it didn’t pick up any of the other Beatles Mono titles by itself, so I’ve edited the versions manually.

How come it picked Sgt Pepper but not the others?

Mono is something I want to discuss with the forum when I have the time.

What I can say now is that if your track is one channel, then Roon automatically flags it as mono.

I’ve done some preliminary experiments with Mono CDs that I had ripped (as flac) and converted them to 1 channel flacs just to see what the various eco systems thought of them.