Mono-sgen app crash Ubuntu 16.04


I’ve recently setup Roon Server on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop on an HP Proliant Microserver. I am seeing mono-sgen app crashes when the system has been sitting for a while. This usually happens overnight or with extended idle. The Roon app on my endpoint devices will say they can’t connect to the Roon server. When I connect to the server there will be the usual apport crash dialogue for mono-sgen. I have to reboot the server to get Roon back. Any help on this issue would be appreciated. I have logs and apport traces if needed.


Hi @Jeff_Botts ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us.

Moving forward, to give us a better understanding as to what could be causing this issue I have went ahead and enabled diagnostics on your account. This action will generate a report containing an updated set of Roon logs the next time your core machine is online.

Once we have received the diagnostics report I will have our tech staff take a look and see what we can come up with.



Thanks for your help.

My Linux box should be on right now.


New appcrash this morning with a little different behavior. I didn’t need to reboot the server to get Roon back. Roon worked right away.

Hi @Jeff_Botts ----- Thank you for the follow up and the update. Both are appreciated!

Confirming that the diagnostics report made it to our servers and has since been passed over to our tech team for evaluation. Once I am provided an updated, I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you in a timely manor.

Thank you for your continued patience!

Hi @Jeff_Botts ----- Thank you again for your patience while we’ve been looking into this behavior you’ve reported to us.

Moving forward, we’ve made some changes in this area that should be available in our next release. We’re not 100% certain these changes will “fully” resolve this issue, but when the next build goes live please update and let us know how things hold up.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Hi @Eric,

Thanks for the quick response. I’m becoming more and more impressed by the whole Roon ecosystem. The excellent customer service is much appreciated.


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Is there a solution for this problem? I’ve exactly the same behavior with Ubuntu 16.04 and Roon 1.5 (build 323) stable (64-bit).


Hi @Matthias_Scherer ---- Thank you for the post and sharing your feedback with us, the insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, we have not heard of any other reports of this behavior recently and as mentioned in my post above we had done some work in this area of the application a number of months ago, so to our knowledge this has not been an issue.

Being as you are experiencing this behavior, I would like to gather the following in order to help aide in our understanding as to why this still may be occurring:

  • Please expand on the description of your setup using this link as a guide.

  • How are often are you experiencing this behavior and can you think of any actions or patterns in behavior that cause it to occur?

  • The next time you do experience a crash please note the time of day when it occurred and I will enable diagnostics on your account so our team can have a closer look into this issue for you.


I was never able to resolve this error on my homebuilt Roon server. I rebooted the server every day. I had a water leak in my basement that destroyed that computer and I ended up replacing it with a Small Green Computer sonicTransporter. I haven’t had any issues with the sonicTransporter.