Monoprice HTP-1 another victim of "Roon Ready"

I saw that. I also saw that it would not do multichannel and suggested maybe a RPi4 would. Never mind. By the way, this is not the Roon Support category.

(Just a longtime Roon user who also knows professionally about tech legalities) “Roon Ready” is a label that Roon Labs and they alone can affix to a device that runs their licensed endpoint software and has been certified by their testing. Any manufacturer claiming that their device is “Roon Ready” without passing this certification is falsely advertising, and infringing on the Roon software license they signed to obtain the endpoint software. Roon Labs cannot prevent false advertising (they aren’t Apple with their huge IP/legal budget) but they can prevent unlicensed devices from working with Roon. That’s what happened here, and it’s absolutely the manufacturer’s fault.


Definitely no Monoprice on the Roon Ready page.
Makes me wonder how many manufacturers are out there whacking a Roon logo on hardware to give it some “audiophile credibility”?

Wow! I knew that Monoprice was guilty of prematurely indicating that it was Roon-Ready (implying certification) when it really isn’t, as of yet. But that’s not Roon’s fault – that’s on Monoprice. I imagine it will eventually get there as far as stereo streaming. However, I, too, would have assumed that it would be designed to stream multichannel. I don’t know about the technicalities or expense of including multichannel streaming given the design of the HTP-1, but it doesn’t make much sense (to me) that a multichannel processor, that wants to be a Roon network streamer, won’t be able to stream multichannel music?!?

If I remember correctly, Multi channel would not work via Ethernet with the Oppo’s either. There are only a few multi-channel dacs with Ethernet in. Plus with Dirac in the mix, it is all resampled/downsampled to 24/48.

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You can, until Monoprice gets its act together, build an RPi with an RCA HAT ( or buy a ready made device from Allo) and connect that to one of your RCA inputs on your processor.

Or something like this, connected to the CD input on your processor. Of course, in that case you won’t be using the DAC in the Monoprice.

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Sorry, but…if this is really important, why not just check Roon’s OWN list of certified devices before making such purchasing decisions?

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I would have done your research better. Roon does not support multichannel on Android, infact Android is limited to 48/24 stereo for the most part. If you connect your Roon core machine via hdmi to the Monoprice you will get full Roon and multichannel. A raspberry pi will not output multichannel via HDMI if I remember rightly.

I have some sympathy here. I have the benefit of reviewing this forum and being aware of these sorts of issues. However, if a manufacturer told me that Roon was supported, I don’t think I would have thought that I needed to corroborate that fact. However, it just confirms my view that Monoprice has really done a crappy thing and, if I were OP, I would return the item.


That’s almost funny. Almost. Should I have also checked the Dirac compatibility on Dirac’s end as well,? How about each format they claim the processor handles? Where does that line of reasoning end? I’ve read plenty of posts on AVS about the HTP-1 working perfectly with Roon. It never occurred to me that something stamped with Roon Ready would not actually work. Totally absurd.

Quite literally used the very words I was putting together. The OP’s frustrations are valid. But if incorrect marketing convinced you that is where you complain.


Well, I would - this is exactly what I did before purchasing my Technics when it comes to MQA support. I checked both MQA and Technics websites to be absolutely sure. Even more so in the case of Roon following their decision to close the doors of certification/readiness in various scenarios.

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Have I got a bridge for you! :slight_smile:

Seriously, perhaps you could sue Monoprice for fraud? Is it too late to return the unit? Or perhaps you could write a stiff letter to Monoprice, with copies to the AG in your state?

Well, if Stephen is using Dirac then everything is being resampled to 24/48 anyway. So, worrying about getting a higher res stream into the unit is pointless.

Also, as per the devices manual, activating any of the “multi-channel” modes limits playback to 24/48.

The OP has two possible options. They are, return the device for a refund, or use one of the several suggested “work-arounds” until the device receives their Roon Ready certification, if ever.

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Dirac bypass.

Relocated Roon server to rack, so thats better than the shield for audio. Debating on the return of the HTP-1, which I feel like doing just on principal at this point.


For an A/V system this processor seems to be ahead of the pack. Others on this forum use it.

For a HiFi system, not so much. For the money there are better options.

Of course, having two distinct system doubles your outlay.

And therein lies my issue- I’m 50/50 movies and music but I definitely value high resolution audio. I might wait get the AVM70 in December if that actually happens.

You could keep the Monoprice for A/V and for your HiFi needs buy a pre-amp or integrated amp that has HT pass thru.

I have an Onkyo receiver for A/V, but pass thru the front channels to a PrimaLuna pre-amp.

Works for me.