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Been using Roon for probably 8 years, with about a dozen different endpoints, and never had this issue.

Just bought a Monoprice HTP-1 — partially because of its Roon Ready status — and now, periodically, when I try to play a track, I get a “Waiting for Roon Core” prompt followed by the Roon “Loader” for about 5 minutes.

Honestly, I just spent $4k on a processor that’s supposed to have gone through a certification program guaranteeing bug-free integration with RAAT/Roon.

And all I want to do is sit down and listen to music [moderated]. Yes, I have a slew of Raspberry Pi’s and other streamers I can plug in and stream to, but I SIMPLY WANT WHAT I PAID FOR!

I’ll happy eat my words if it has something to do with my setup or settings, but, like I said, I’m pretty savvy and have been using Roon for a long time.

Maybe take the manufacturer by his advertising, rather than venting here, not complying with the kind request to supply full system details for Roon to be able to work with.

Good luck!

Not sure what waiting for the core message has to do with the monoprice? It’s not a Roon core. This indicates you have an issue network or otherwise with your Roon core. The Monoprice wont cause this unless you possibly have a DHCP conflict.

Are you using fixed IP addresses anywhere?

@Michael_Pugh, has the HTP-1 shown up in Roon’s Settings->Audio under the Roon Ready section when it becomes available? If so, I would start looking into your network configuration. If it does not appear, is there a firmware update available?

Please also complete the information requested in the template regarding your Roon Core computer, your network environment, how devices are connected, and other details. This seems to be a network issue, but without more information Roon’s staff and the Community will be limited in ideas for providing assistance.

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