Monterey & iOS 15 not for Roon Support

I fully understand that Roon cannot address issues when the operating systems being used are in beta. I signed the terms. So I’m trying to communicate with community members who use macOS Monterey and iOS 15 specifically. I’m using Mac Mini 2018 core. 8gb ram, 3 endpoints with Rpi 4 with Schiit Modi+ Topping D10s and Aq Dragonfly DACs. Also an ifi Zen for headphone and several devices to which I simply googlecast. No wifi being used. All items are wired. My problem is Roon is constantly shutting down in the middle of playing a track or the Core is losing connection. I cannot play anything from my Tidal account. I know we often need to check the network as the culprit but somehow Audirvana, Plex or the many other devices on my network don’t seem to have operational issues. I’m at a loss and looking for ideas. Please don’t respond with dump the beta.

Same as mine

The problem re-emerged so I just play through my Lumin app now as it supports both Tidal and Qobuz and, whatever the T&Cs say, the support from Roon is abysmal.
I won’t be renewing

I’m not going that far :-). I really enjoy the software. When you’re using beta software you kinda’ expect it. My goal with my post was to find those who have encountered similar issues and maybe find a solution. I have different accounts in two other offices that work flawlessly with the current macOS.


Rule of thumb - if a service is important to you, never use beta software. (I’m an IT professional, and recognize the risks of doing so).

Try these:

  1. Delete tidal_account file Endless loading or missing all audio devices? Please read this
  2. Set DNS to
  3. Disable IPv6 How to disable IPv6 on Mac - 3 verified methods
  4. Disable energy efficient Ethernet Power Management recommendations for video editors using Mac workstations – Studio Network Solutions KB
  5. Turn off firewall
  6. Uninstall Roon and delete all associated files, and reinstall it

I am using iPad OS 15 v7 on latest iPad iteration problem free. NO issues of any kind with ROON. NAD M10 + Small Green Computer 1i5.

As to other comments of “I won’t renew,” that is often the sound of angry people looking to blame anything but themselves.

It’s information, Kevin, but thanks for the pop psychology