Monthly Subscription Service [Now Available 2020-11-17]

Please consider offering a monthly subscription service for $9.99 (or less). A monthly sub model would be better aligned with most streaming subscription services, and would lower the barrier to entry for interested subscribers who may not have the cash flow to commit for a year @ $120 for a year, or $500 for a lifetime membership.

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Hi! I have now almost tested Roon for two weeks and it is time to decide if I shall go for a yearly subscription or not.

Latest days at the news Tidal seems to have a financial crise and and the future looks very unstable.

Under this conditions it feels not good at all to go for a yearly subscription and I wonder why Roon not has monthly subscription like everyone else like Tidal or Spotify?

If Roon had monthly subscriptions the decision should be easy, for now it looks like that Roon only became a short nice acquaintance for me.

Kind Regards // Lars

Forum search? :wink:

If Tidal is the only reason to subscribe to Roon then Roon might not be the droids you are looking for. Roon can be so much more when fully utilized. Especially if you have a good sized personal collection of ripped content.


Hi and thanks for your answers.

I have searched at the forum and have not find any answer recently why Roon not have monthly subscription therfore my question. If there is a link, please share it with me :slight_smile:

The main reason for me to use Roon together with Tidal is the user interface that is much better compare to Bluesound Node 2 and that also with my own music library that I have convert to FLAC.

But never the less, if Tidal in some way end their services with execelent sound quality I will go back to Spotify together with Bluesound Node 2 and use Spotifys own interface that works very well.

KR // Lars

Here’s two for starters:

Many thanks :grinning:

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Given actual problems with Roon I want a Monthly Membership or I never subscribe Roon.


It is a shame you are experiencing issues . I have had roon for over 18 months now and up until version 1.6 I had no issues and it was a dream to use. Since 1.6 I am having issues and I have just stated on another thread that I would not subscribe in it’s current state .
I would suggest asking for another trial when they sort the issues out . When it works it is great and integrates all of your music into one neat system

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I want to leave ROON when I want, if I do not like it anymore.
Not an year or lifetime.

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Sorry I think I misunderstood you. I assumed you wanted a monthly subscription as in your original post you said …given the problems with roon.
I don’t think roon have any plans to release a monthly subscription option

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As an alternative to ROON (Windows 10 server + Android controller) connected to USB DAC, I will use Tidal installed on Windows 10 connected to USB DAC and controlled with Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android.
“Womaz” did you tried that?

I think a monthly subscription would be nice for people to get to know Roon.
I would set the monthly price to $19.99.

10 $ is sufficient for use only with Tidal and Qobuz.

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Monthly pricing doesn’t make business sense. Monthly subscriptions are ideal for TV streaming because the content is ever-changing. There are times where there’s just not enough interest in the programming to keep a subscription going. Music however is more static. We have our library and augment them with Streaming services. There aren’t the same peaks and valleys for music lovers as there is for TV content thus there’s little incentive for monthly subs for a program that manages your local library. You always have the opportunity to suspend your streaming account to save money.

And what I can do if ROON is going crazy (like now) or is it not working anymore?..

OK, have a good life.


My recollection is there is a licensing issue with the metadata that creates a problem for Roon with monthly subscriptions.

The admin on cost for a monthly payment must be horrendous, Tidal et al seem to manage though

A premium above annual/12 seems appropriate if that model was to be applied

I was checking out cloud storage recently, most services offer both models with a surcharge for monthly

$120 is a fair bit but not losable if you are so unhappy, life is too short :nerd_face: