Moon 280D review on Darko

Nice write up by @Phil_Wright, with some interesting comparisons too.

Refined precision: Moon by Simaudio’s 280D streaming DAC | Darko.Audio

@Phil- I know you don’t have the Gold Note DS-10 anymore, but how would you compare it to the Moon and the other setups mentioned?

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is indeed a while since I had the DS-10 so any comments have to be high level. Overall the Edge NQ bettered it by a small but worthwhile margin. As it should given the (now) £2k price differential. Given the 280D equalled the Edge NQ that would imply both of them better the DS-10 too. To triangulate that, the DS-10 was on a par with the Pro-ject / Mytek / SBooster combo, which I found to be not quite up to the standard of the 280D.

Note that I didn’t have the separate power supply for the DS-10, which I would expect to make a reasonable difference. Whether it would close the gap with the Edge NQ I have no idea.

On an emotional level I could quite happily live with any of the four options as my daily driver. And I did really like the DS-10 - sounds good, small, very functional, looks great, and I for one love the control dial (some struggle with it). I would be tempted by the power supply to wring the last bit of performance from it.


Thanks for the follow-up Phil. I was quite interested in the 280D, but their distribution near me was limited, as was the ability to audition one in my home. Pity, as it looked like it fit my requirements/desires perfectly.

I bought a DS-10, and then the power supply, and, after a break in period for both, am very happy with them.

At the risk of cliche, there’s a naturalness about the sound, that never draws attention to itself, but doesn’t make one feel like you’re missing anything. and the pair are a visual match for the rest of my system, including a PH-10.

I don’t use the volume control, but that may change down the line. We’ve had some experience the past 18 months with cleaning out the homes of folks we’ve lost. As I get older myself I’ve begun thinking about “conscious decluttering”, and perhaps moving away from vinyl.

I’ve gone through that myself, having lost both my mum and dad in the last 9 months. It’s hard.

Although I seem to be going in the opposite audio direction to you, having just sent a Garrad 401 off to the menders so I can get into vinyl again :slight_smile:

Enjoy the DS-10, as you say it’s fuss free and fits in easily. The PA-10 is/are well worth a look should you ever consider solid state again…


The right decision to get the 401 back in working order!

Mine has stayed where other supposed superior TT have come and gone.

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60th birthday present to myself / funded by the inheritance from mum and dad who both passed in the last year. Then my mate who owned it refused to take anything for it. Some things are meant to be :slight_smile:

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Please update me when you get it in service, would love to see it!

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Have you tried the PA-10 as a stereo amp?

Yes, it’s very good that way too. Another review - can’t remember where - concluded one was really a stepping stone to having two of them. I disagree, I think they are equally good in stereo or mono mode for their price points. It was a good review - we certainly heard the same things from the amps. Just different conclusions. Different folks…

With a DS/PA-10 pair one could put the whole setup out of sight, and just control it with Roon…

…although they’re so pretty I’m not sure why you’d want to. :face_with_monocle:

I have revamped over to Goldnote … started with the IS1000 and then got the poweramp PA-1175 followed by a ds10 plus.

It all sounds ( and looks gorgeous ) - very rarely do i get near enough to use the volume knobs :joy:

I would love to hear some real world experience of the power supply with the ds10. It would need to be a noticeable change/improvement to warrant the outlay !



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Matt- it is a noticeable change, although hard to describe w/o lapsing in to audiophilia. I would say it provides more of everything you like about the DS-10, with a greater sense of ease, relaxation, and of depth and richness of tone. worth it to me.

Thanks ! - something else to try out in the future :+1:

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