Moon 280D usb connection with nucleus problem

we have roon nucleus and moon 280d. Roon version can be seen in picture above. 280d already equip with mind 2.

The problem is with usb connection. when we play MQA files, it seem DAC cannot convert in the right sampling rate. It act like it is not MQA dac. We try on decode and renderer, decode only setting and it show 48kHz on moon display. Of course, the renderer only will give you 96kHz. But, it is not 192kHz as file is intended.

If we use tidal program to play the same file, the moon will show 192kHz status light. That seem normal.

However, if we do Lan connection, everything is seem fine and doing well. It seem can decode MQA correctly.

It may seem not necessary that we can use Lan. But, it just feel not right with that usb connection, which is acting weird with roon.

MOON’s MQA implementation only works using the network (MiND v2) input on the device. There is no other MQA support on any other input (including USB).

Why not use the network input instead of USB? It’s Roon Ready and supports all of the same formats as USB. Plus it gives you the benefit of tighter integration and using the DAC’s remote to operate the transport controls (play / pause, skip, etc).

It just a user feeling that it should play MQA via usb. He do not mind to use LAN though. It just he want to make sure every function is workable.

Funny thing is that Tidal can do it while roon cannot.

Thanks for your feedback. I think that is about this case too.

Hi @Eraz ---- Thank you for the post!

I can confirm, as @AMP pointed out above , that the 280D only does MQA playback via the MiND 2 network input.

If the device is going to be used via USB “MQA Capabilities” should be set to “No MQA Support” in the “device setup” window.