MOON 380D DSD with Roon


Is it possible to turn on and off the MOON 380D DSD (MiND 2 upgrade) with Roon app with my iPhone (Roon core is installed on Intel NUC) ?

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No it doesn’t control power of an endpoint. It might wake it from standby if the unit detects then input, my Naim Atom does this but you can’t really control the power. Only way you could is by using a Harmony hub and the Deep Harmony extension to control the IR control of your endpoint.

Thank you. Do you know why is it possible to turn on/off Devialet amplifiers ? It is endpoint too.

If the device supports being put into and out of standby via the streaming interface then the manufacturer must implement this feature in their Roon implementation.

The standby on/off button is located in the volume control pane (tap on the speaker icon in the lower right). The device should automatically wake from standby when you play some content to the network input.

In the case of Moon I have an ACE here with the MiND module and this feature does work. The 380D is a slightly different animal as it’s an older architecture, but this should work. I know that Simaudio is working through some final issues with their Roon certification so it may not work today, but it should work once everything is complete.

Whether or not this will put a full Moon stack into standby via Simlink I honestly don’t know.

Perhaps they expose it to RAAT and ROON a lot of functionality is down to the manufacturer. Ask @support

Thank you for sharing your experience :wink: