Moon Ace dissapears from the list of audio devices

Roon Core Machine

Mac Book Pro 2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 32 Gt 2400 Mhz DDR4
i-Phone 11 pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Computer and phone on wifi
Zyxel router

Connected Audio Devices

Moon Ace w/ Mind2 on ethernet 1gb

Number of Tracks in Library

38816 tracks, 2369 Albums

Description of Issue

I started my complimentary 60-days trial (came with the Moon Ace). First everything went fine, the asslemby etc. But then I shut the cover of the computer running the CORE (ie. closing the computer for a minute). I opened the computer again and it had lost all the connections with the remote and Moon Ace. First it did not located the remote (iPhone) or anything else, was just looking for the Core.
Now, after multiple reinstallation and system booting the Core and remote are talking to each other. But still no Moon Ace appears on the list.
I tried anc checked the ip addresses and sub nets, no help.

Any ideas how to get the Moon Ace back to the system?

If you’ve reinstalled, you’ll need to enable the Moon again. Go to Settings > Audio and look for the Moon. Does it have the Enable button highlighted?

Incidently, it’s not a good idea running your Roon core from Wi-Fi.

There is no enable button for Moon (see screenshot).
I will hook up the Core with ethernet.

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Problem solved.
Once I hooked up the Core to ethernet, Moon appeared to selection.
Thank You for the advice!


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