Moon Beams not Moonbeams

Rovi has the wrong title for The Bill Evans Trio’s Moon Beams.

They use Moonbeams rather than the two word title (which is obvious from the album cover).

I’ve corrected it on my Roon but Rovi do not seem to have picked up historic comments on this.

I know… Oddly enough, I’ve had to write some (un-deployed) code for this specific issue, to ensure equivalence for that album between Rovi’s metadata and other metadata providers’ “Moon Beams”. I was quite stunned at how many additional (valid) equivalences were brought into the fold. :slight_smile:

In terms of the correct album title, in the future, we may well take a “majority rules” view in terms of choosing album names, but for now, your library-specific edit is appropriate.

In general, we’re trying to move away from getting metadata providers to change their data and to fix it ourselves. It’s far more efficient to tackle large classes of issues in one go, rather than attempting to get metadata providers to fix things.

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