Moon Mind 2 firmware v2.01 Problems

Roon Core Machine

Dedicate Windows 10 i7 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wired ASUS Router RT-AC68U

Connected Audio Devices

MOON 390

Number of Tracks in Library

12500 Tracks

Description of Issue

After upgrading the firmware of the Mind 2 module to v2.01 it begin to skip FLAC and MQA files after playing a DSD file. Roon show for about one second the message that lose contact with MOON 390 and after that begin playing the remaining FLAC our MQA files, it skips about 2 or 3 files.

Have you contacted Sim Audio about this?

Did you power cycle the dac after firmware update ?

Yes, I contacted Simaudio.
Yes, I Power Cycle everything.

I hope Eric from MOON see this and give us a help. This problem is very similar, but not the same, the one that was solve in v2.0.

My Workaround was to disable MQA on the ROON configuration of the MOON and let ROON deals with the MQA and then convert everything to DSD.

I just tested with my Moon 390. I tried a DSD256 track with 2 FLAC tracks (16/44) following and I found the same issue.

The DSD track played without issue, then the 16/44 tracks skipped.

Mind version 2.01.

Hey José,

Thank you for reporting back the issue, it does seem to be potentially a bug with Moon firmware, we will report back to them, meanwhile could you also please contact them for details?

The work around you suggested is great and let’s wait for their response at this stage.

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