Moon Neo 280D MiND V1 - ROON ready?


It is known that the Moon Mind v2 is ROON ready.
But, what about the v1 ?

Any experienced here ? Feedback welcome.


Hi Vincent,

Only Mind v2 is Roon Ready. You would need to purchase a v2 module in order to use as a Roon Ready.

I currently use the Moon 390 as Roon Ready and it’s great. Just plug the Ethernet cable in and it works.

Some of the new features of v2 I found online.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your answer.
I know that the Mind v2 module is very expensive, about $1.000.
I’ve found an old 280D network player, but it’s not interesting to pay for the upgrade. I’d rather buy a new one.
The 390 is too expensive for me.

With best.