More 1.7 skipping - build 505

Toshiba portege i5 8mb RAM 128gb ssd small library 4000 tracks

Google wifi Ethernet connection to core 50mbps download

Rpi3 ropieee Khadas dac via Ethernet from core

Description Of Issue

Skipping tracks on 1.7 build 505 via Tidal - wireless / Ethernet no difference. Turned off dsp and upsample - same thing. Plays fine just won’t play in sequence

Core and endpoints restarted blah blah

Hi @Paul_Butler,

Just to verify — Playback is working okay, but out of order? Or are some tracks being skipped entirely?

Tracks skipped entirely, but seems to have suddenly stopped doing it. Will monitor for now and report if it returns

Thanks, @Paul_Butler – Glad to hear that things seem to be working currently. Let us know if this changes!

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