More 882 junk - unacceptable mess

mini 2012: i7 quad,16gb RAM, 250gb SSD (OS & Roon db), 4tb SSD over USB (music), macOS Catalina with all updates (only Roon core running) > dCS Rossini DAC (over RAAT) + Rossini Master Clock > Audio Note Kondo Ongaku amp > Avantgarde Duo Mezzo G2 speakers

I have a few versions of Patricia Barber’s Cafe Blue. They are all in my SSD. And they are not showing together anymore.

I am pretty sure you guys have no idea what you’re doing at this point.

This is what shows in the track browser (trying to figure out if you misclassified it):


This is my directory structure:

And if “Show Hidden Tracks” is turned to Yes, the albums appear under Patricia Barber, ungrouped with the main album.

Are there 3 year olds pushing code in there?

You know…you might get some actual assistance if you quit the unnecessary barbs!

Or did you just really come here to vent?


The level of incompetence is staggering. If I screwed up this bad at work I would be fired.


I think here someone has screwed up any help in the forum.


I don’t understand what you just said.

This is the thing: Support should not be predicated on not having frustrated customers. If the software does this:

1- Keeps saying “a new db update is required - be patient” EVERY TIME IT RESTARTS

2- Screws up my album arrangement so badly, in ways it has never done before.

3- Seems to get silent ears from those required to help

It is hard not to get completely frustrated.


So, to all you 3-year-old incompetent Roon code pushers who don’t know what you’re doing and should be fired, jump on in and give Miguel a hand! I know he will appreciate any help you give him.


Maybe someone can find a four year old to remind the OP of patch 884 that is out and handles non English characters like those in cafe. It was causing oddity.

Let me bite the hand, then ask it to feed me.


Really, once you reach this level of (understandable) frustration, it’s probably best to vote with your wallet.

I already did. In July 2015 I became a lifetime subscriber.

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And this is for me to figure out?

More important - what kind of inept QA misses this?

I did yesterday (turned off my auto renew).

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So it seems Roon have patched this one pretty quickly. Putting out software that breaks isn’t unique to roon. Nor is having strange characters in files unique to roon. It’s frustrating - I get that - but looks like it is fixed. So does this mean we can go back to debating if lan cables with cleaner 1s and 0s make a difference to sound quality?

For the roon folks… these things happen. You’ve spotted it, dealt with it in a timely fashion. Far bigger companies have fallen foul of this. So don’t take the rants to heart. Or the ad hominem attacks. Maybe your legacy will be roon… but it doesn’t define you so separate yourself from the software, even if folks want to conflate the two.

And in case there is any confusion, I’ll clear it up so folks don’t have to ask: Yes, I am a total d!ckh… I was taught that whetever you do, do to the best of your ability. I am a total and complete one.


If you are looking for helpful differences in communication…

I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas, health, serenity, humor and many friends who want to help you when needed.

These Christmas greetings go to the Roon team, the many hard-working and competent helpers here in the forum and to all customers who contribute with their hints and problems here without always just bashing.

We are looking for solutions together and no insults, insults or disparagement. But this memorial remains as a real mistake until the author removes it in a quiet hour.

Yes we all make mistakes sometimes and should not put it on the gold scale or the permanent dispute about it. That is what we may learn (if we want).

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Well said. And you so obviously aren’t by the way.

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