More Album Data Needed - 3 points

1 - I’d like to set up Roon so that only FLAC is shown in the track listing even when there is ALAC available. Merged albums with both show two tracks for each song in each format right now. If I only filter on FLAC, than Albums that are MP3 or ALAC won’t show.

2 - It would also be good if from the Album view you could see when an Album has more than one CD.

3 - Lastly, since I am familiar with my own file structure, how can I better sort my music by folder vs the options available? For instance, I have all Rock compilations in one folder by decade. Those make great playlists but I have to go to the file directory to remember what I have.

Point 2 happens now if you select it as an option. I have a little number 2 in the corner with double discs.

Roon will sort your albums as Roon no matter what your structure. As long as Roon can see it, it will display it.
I would spend time with Roon and learn all the tips and tricks.