More granular Composer credits

If you have the composer display option switched on then roon can be pretty confusing and indiscriminate about whom it displays on the composer line. In this example album there are a lot of composers, arrangers, lyricists, transcribers etc. all of whom get a composer credit. As a result the composer lines have become very confusing and cluttered as there is no granularity in that composer display line. Lets take Nino Rota, for example, famous for the Godfather score:

Is it not possible when presenting the composer line to break it down in a more granullar way according to the role of the contributor?

For example:

Composed by: Nino Rota Arranged by: David Foster, Humberto Gatica, William Ross Lyrics by: Kaballà

There are many other genres this would benefit. For example, opera where there is usually a seperate composer and librettist. Worse, sometimes thay are the same e.g. Wagner. So this line can often look like:

Composed by: Richard Wagner, Richard Wagner.

It is common in Jazz to have both composer and arranger credits. And with a lot of Pop music everyone that managed to turn up that day can indesciminantly get a composer credit.