More grouping woes: C.P.E. Bach's Symphonies for Strings

This ripped CD has 6 symphonies, but Roon shows them without grouping the tracks into symphonies:

I tried using MP3Tag to add WORK and PART tags (eg, for the first track, WORK = Symphony No. 1 in G Major and PART = Allegro Di Molto), but that made no difference.

I suspect Roon is getting its information from AllMusic ( and not letting me override. I must say that Roon’s intransigence in ignoring suggestions via file tags is getting tiresome. [Update:] I found the right tool in Metadata Preference (see below); so I’d say it’s Roon buried features that are a pain.

Just to make sure: setting the grouping to “prefer file” didn’t help?

I just set the album’s Metadata Preference for Multi-Par Composition Group to Prefer File, and that fixed things. Thanks for the hint.

If you want to get a composition id and not just a grouping you can also try the followig for your TITLE’s (e.g. the 5th sinfonie)

I often find I have to use a similar convention of (opus and/or catalog)/x in more complex grouping scenarios like this. It’s impossible of course to guess the TITLE name so it only works if you can find it on allmusic.

What can be done to draw more attention to such features ? At the moment the Editing and Import Settings articles describe these features.

Would having links somewhere in the Roon program to the Knowledge Base help ?

How about a comprehensive, overview-level KB article, with links?

Do you mean like the User Guide in relation to Roon generally or an overview of the Edit8ng and Grooming section ?

Editing and Grooming, I think.

Best of luck and wishes with your User Guide ideas.