More High Resolution albums on Tidal, or similar streaming site

I am pro MQA, and in my opinion Tidal works great, just feel they need double or triple there quantity of HIGH Resolution titles, as it stands, I believe there is one other company that has more hires titles. The end results may be better on Tidal, due to there use of MQA, but having more titles is going to always be desirable.

So in the end, we pay for this service, and i am disappointed when I see a discontinued SACD, that never made it to Tidal!!!

Especially with titles such as Steely Dan:


Royal Scam

We need more SACD, BLURAY disk, or alternative hires masters of albums that were recorded superbly to begin with.

Please Roon, supporters join me in this request for more albums to be added to the catalog in hi-res, the original master is what determines the quality of the playback in the end, so lets have more good ones. Thank you !!!

Have you looked at Qobuz?
Tidal streams MQA as ‘quasi-Hi-Rez’ as their ‘Masters’, but with Qobuz you can stream true Hi-Rez 24-bit files if you subscribe to their ‘Studio’ or ‘Sublime+’ tiers.