More intelligent equivalents processing to avoid "equivalents duplicates"

In certain scenarios roon does not perform equivalents matching even though it has the information. This creates “equivalents duplicates” on various common screens.

For example, in order to get an uncluttered main album screen with no “equivalents duplicates” it is often necessary to know “a priori” what “equivalent” performer roon uses as a default. Take this example. If I use the album artwork of this Nino Rota album as the basis for locally tagging my files then the orchestra is “Filarmonica della Scala”, and this is what I would tag both the artist and album artist fields. But the default equivalent as far as roon is concerned is “La Scala Philharmonic Orchestra”. What this means in practice is that I end up with a rather untidy screen with equivalents duplicates which looks like this:

In order to tidy up this screen, as far as I can see. I have to manually edit my “file” album artist tag to align with roon equivalent defaults so that I eventually end up with this screen:

From a presentation perspective being forced to make a manual edit like this defeats a lot of the utility of roon equivalents processing. Roon is doing equivalents processing in many scenarios but not all. So the feature request is for more intelligent equivalents processing so that in all scenarios roon makes an equivalents check before constructing a screen so that this type of “equivalents duplicates” does not occur.