More Loudness (R128) Display

As a working audio chap, I am thrilled to see the R128 features in 1.3. Loudness is a significant part of our daily work, and now having my whole library calibrated and reporting on Loudness metrics is wonderful.

It would be so helpful to have a preference to bring this Loudness metadata more forward in the interface. Places like album and track listing. Current playing track, and Zone Playback data would all benefit from showing Loudness info.

Also, whilst the Loudness Level-compensation is obviously important to show current attenuation, being able to see the actual tracks Integrated LUFS value would be brilliant.

Thanks for such a great release, and for considering this request.

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@ben, Can it be added to the Tidal albums/tracks too? That would be awesome!

This would make me dump Roon. I am also an audio professional, and I sure as hell don’t want this rammed in my face any more than it is already.

It should be removable from Album Details as a minimum.


It should be an option that can be switched on/off.
This way everyone can use it to their preference.

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Friction released potential energy :wink:

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I agree absolutely.

And just to be clear, I’m very glad Roon implemented this feature. I just don’t want to see it! Please make it switchable!

(It could be like composers: show never, show default, show everywhere.)


Just for the record:

I don’t really have an opinion on where loudness range is shown. I don’t believe we have the loudness range information for Tidal tracks, although I could very easily be wrong there.

I personally try to stay away from decisions about what information to show where and how it should be displayed, I’m not a particularly good UI person. I try to leave that to the experts :slight_smile:

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Honest, as usual! Highly appreciated!

But, to server most Rooners out here, can you make it an option that can be switched on/off in the next release?

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Strongly seconded!!!

The Zone Signal Path pop up could be an appropriate place for an initial trial of this data.