More mouse shortcuts: volume, "back"

I’m using Roon on Windows. I would love the mouse support to be improved in two ways:

  1. Be able to right-click on a blank spot on the Roon screen and have a context menu appear with “<” and “>” (back and forward).

  2. After I click on the volume control, be able to control volume with the scroll wheel


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I quite like the idea of #2 using the mouse scroll bar to adjust volume after the icon had been clicked.

Not so sure about #1 when there are already on-screen icons for track previous/next on every screen.
Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you look for he.

BTW are you aware of the keyboard shortcuts? There are listed in setting (link top right of window).

Thanks for the pointer to the keyboard shortcuts. I’d like to find a way to change the volume up/down increment, as the default of 5 dB is a rather large step.

Regarding a context menu, I agree that the icons are on every screen. Still, I have used back/forward context menus with Web browsers, and I find that since these are very frequently used controls, it’s helpful not to have to move the mouse pointer every time they are needed.

My Logitech mouse has two thumb buttons that are set up to move through the navigation history of a browser (and this is the default). They work the same in Roon. If you have a mouse with those buttons, perhaps they will solve “1.”

Using the scroll wheel to adjust the volume would be great… come to think about it there was a request back in April for it :wink:

[quote=“duncan, post:5, topic:13002”]
Using the scroll wheel to adjust the volume would be great… come to think about it there was a request back in April for it [/quote]
It seems to me the most convenient way (for the user) would be to hover over the volume icon and (in that position) the scroll wheel would control volume.

I, too, very much like the idea of being to use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the volume.

Now that I’ve got a RPi + Pi-Dac+ driving my headphones, I’m having to use the volume control in Roon, so ease of use is important, and dragging a slider is not particularly handy…

Perhaps while this feature is being looked at, some fine tuning of the corresponding keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-Up, Ctrl-Down) might be in order? Currently, each keypress alters the volume by 5%. This seems to me to be a rather large jump - could it be made to be just 1%? After all, holding the key down will rapidly alter the volume if required.

Yes, those extra buttons can be useful. I had forgotten about them, because on my Logitech mouse, one of them is broken. Also, I also can’t seem to get the hang of repositioning my hand to use them comfortably. Maybe that’s a quirk of my anatomy (or brain :slight_smile:).