MORE (movie) Pink Floyd (1969)

Would be interesting to compare a flac of that cut from your CD with a cut from my 2011 remaster.

Any differences plagued on your home theatre system?

Sorry, I was delayed in getting back.

Played through the home theater, using just Dolby Surround rather than other settings, I can somewhat hear what he is saying, but it is not as clear and upfront as it was on the LP. I am (just) guessing that the version you have has a different mix than this re-issue. Via back channel, I could send you the cut we have if you like, but I do believe that the issue is two different mixes.

I am not a headphone listener, but I listened to this remaster on headphones just now. Same lack of upfront voice. I “suspect” that this was not really very crucial to the album and was deliberately sent to the back.