More Praise for Andrew Gillis

I’ve been a Small Green customer for 10 years now across a number of devices.

When I’ve needed tech support or a unit repaired, Andrew’s customer service hasn’t just been good; it’s more like astonishing. He’s a one-man show who seems to have about 30 hours in his day. I can’t recommend him and his company enough.


May I ask how you got in touch with him for support? Except for Facebook (which I don’t do) I can’t seem to find a link on the SGC website?

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Go to At the bottom of the page there is a green contact us box. Fill in your info and he will get back to you. Excellent customer service.

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Yes the best place to get in touch with us is on the web site. There is also a lot of great support available on our user forum.

Contact made. Thanks to everyone.