More priority for playback and browsing when importing new files

@eric Have you collected als what you need so that I can switch back to my old database?

Yes @Tekl, please feel free to revert back to your old DB.


Hi @Tekl ----- I wanted to follow up with you after you had reinstated the previously used DB, what has the experience been like? My intuition would tell me it has been the same but please do confirm.

Additionally, I noticed that a common variable here is when you are syncing with your iTunes library. There is something I am touch confused by and I am hoping you can clarify it for me. You mentioned the following in one of your previous posts:

My iTunes folder is in ~/Music/iTunes on my Mac and the copy is in Storage/InternalStorage but I omitted AudioBooks, TV Shows and so on.

Under these conditions has your entire itunes library been copied over to the internal storage you have setup in the NUC or is being updated across your network? Are you noticing that the remotes are performing slow when this process is taking place?


Hi @eric. Nothing has changed when switching back to my old DB. It’s quite responsive if I don’t change anything on the data drive. If there are changes happening, Roon gets very slugish on every remote.

I initially copied my library to the SSD by connecting it to my Mac directly. The SSD has been formatted by ROCK before. After the first mirroring I put the drive back into the NUC. From that on I updated my NUC via WIFI. I tried special Apps like ChronoSync and Carbon Copy Cloner, but as they both don’t recognize the Encoding, I’m using this costom Rsync command now:

/usr/local/bin/rsync --iconv=UTF-8-MAC,UTF-8-MAC -a -v -m -h -N -X --delete-during --stats --exclude=._* --exclude=/Album\ Artwork --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Apple\ Music --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Audiobooks --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Automatically\ Add\ to\ iTunes.localized --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Books --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Downloads --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Home\ Videos --exclude=/iTunes\ Music\ Library.xml.add --exclude=/iTunes\ Music\ Library.xml.del --exclude=/iTunes\ Music\ Library.xml.last --exclude=/iTunes\ Music\ Library.xml.mod --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/iTunes\ U --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Mobile\ Applications --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Movies --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Podcasts --exclude=/Previous\ iTunes\ Libraries --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Tones --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/TV\ Shows --exclude=/iTunes\ Media/Voice\ Memos ~/Music/iTunes/ /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/

Yes, the slow performance happens when the sync is in progress, but even if it stops it takes some time until the remotes behave responisve again. So I think, it can’t be a bandwidth bottleneck.

As the iTunes playlists often are reappearing under my tracks (see GIF above), it seems, that Roon tries to reload and reinterpret my huge (177 MB) XML file with about 400 playlists even if it hasen’t changed. But I’ve to dig further into this with disabling the iTunes import.

Hi @eric,

I now tested importing new files with disabling the iTunes playlist features. Now Roon feels fluffy even when importing and analyzing files. So it seems that there is much room for improving the playlist handling. It seems that the software is reimporting the iTunes Library XML file on every newly added audio file.