More specific release info on the album page

It would be good to expand on the release info part of the album page.

I would like to see added (for each version of an album)

  1. Record label
  2. Catalogue number
  3. Release type (album, EP, anthology, compilation, live album, bootleg, concert recording, soundtrack, single, demo, etc)
  4. Edition information (original, reissue, remaster, deluxe edition, etc)
  5. Version/country
  6. Source (CD, SACD, vinyl, web, DAT, cassette, soundboard, etc)

This would make our collections much more personalised, rather than the general album/original release/current release date that we have.


100% agree on this. This is the sort of information depth the Roon platform should be delivering.


This would be great!

Good to see the enthusiasm for this.

I would also suggest, on the artist page, don’t have just “main albums” and EPs, but also have anthologies, live albums, compilations and bootlegs separated out.

I would l love a discography section