More than 1 Roon library

I would like to have two ROON libraries, one for Surround albums for playing through my Surround DAC and another for Stereo content for playing through my stereo DAC.

Obviously I can play stereo through the surround DAC but it doesn’t sound as good.

Could I therefore have two Roon libraries and choose between them?

I can’t see how to do this from the menus.

Maybe you could accomplish this by having two profiles, one for stereo and one for surround?

Create a Bookmark for each “library”.

If your files are in two separate locations e.g.


Then you could have two Roon watched folders pointing at them and then use focus by location to filter and save as a book mark.

Profile specific book marks etc. are not support yet … but have been discussed.

This is exactly what I have done. I have the stereo Roon library on a server (so all my rooms can access it) and the surround library local to the room with surround system.

Expensive though - I’m paying two Roon subscriptions!